Through the Walled City

Fifteen-year-old Micaela “Mica” Uribe has never believed in Abuelita’s tales of magic and superstition. Instead, she clings to facts rooted in her American upbringing. But when a trip to Cartagena, Colombia leaves her flickering between the walled city’s past and present, she’s forced to believe. Soon, she witnesses what she’d only seen in photographs: her own baptism, her grandparents’ wedding, and her great-great-grandparents’ home in the time of cholera.

Adamant about holding on to her reality, Mica trades the unstable cobblestone streets for the overcrowded ocean. Only she can’t stay away. And this time, the purpose is clear. She must understand her collective past if she wishes to master Time. Help in unraveling the clues comes from Gianluca Echevarría, the cute local she’s crushing on in the present who can also time slip.

When Abuelita dies suddenly, Mica must unravel the clues if she has any hopes of reuniting with her grandmother, even if it is in the past. But Time is fickle. If Mica fails, she’ll be stranded with no way back to her present—or to those who matter most.

THROUGH THE WALLED CITY is a multicultural fantasy with A TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE twist. It’s a story about loss and love and unlikely second chances.


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